I alway seek adventure and have traveled quite a bit but after watching the new Walter Mitty film on Christmas day with my family I decided to purchase a train ticket to Salt Lake to see my little nieces cousins and seek a new adventure.

I had no plan of recording anything until I stumbled upon this young cute 18 year old girl from Taiwan and was inspired by her adventure she's embarking on traveling throughout the USA by herself. After I lived in Taiwan and knew their culture isn't to prone for younger girl students traveling around the world solo I knew this was too cool to pass up! After chatting a bit with each of these people I was just too inspired to not ask them if they wouldn't mind saying something on camera about it. And this is that result.

The entire thing was shot and edited within 15 hours of the trip but I made a promise that if this video gets 50 Shares that I will buy a ticket across the whole US and collect more stories and make more videos.