- One of my favorite videos I've embarked on was Breathless. My buddy Thaddeus and I took on the challenge to think about telling the story of our love for Denver, TED talks, and time lapses how to put those together and knew we had to make it happen! It was an experiment at its finest and one I'll never forget. We made it for the 2013 TEDxMileHigh event and it took many levels of patients, trials, errors, and endless creativity. With diverse time lapses and ideas of how to portray this incredible city we knew we had to think big! Shooting the city I grew up in was such a blast because we discovered new areas and met some amazing people along the way! With little time to create the final product, tons of hours of shooting, running around the city during sunsets, staying the night at Red Rocks, Flying over Denver in a Helicopter, watching the city from the top of East High School, endless hours of editing till 3am and constantly sitting back and just becoming Breathless of how amazing Denver truly is, it was one that will hopefully be appreciated and loved by many! Thanks for the Love! 

Shot and Directed by Thaddeus and BC. 

Poem was written by: Ken Arkind and narrated by: Theo Wilson