BC is a 30-year-old from Denver,Colorado, he has a passion for telling compelling and inspiring stories of the good and change happening both locally and globally. In 2018 he founder The Traveling Good, and took an RV around the USA for 3 months to highlight and share good things happening around the US!

As a film maker, his mission is to creatively capture these stories to share with and inspire the world. He's traveled throughout 50+ countries for more than 10 years working with a variety of youth study abroad programs such as: Up With People, World Campus International, Impact Edventures, Walking tree travel and Global Youth Leadership Academy

He has since switched his focus from abroad efforts to making a difference in his own community. He actively involves himself in non-profits, charities, and sits on the creative teams for a variety philanthropic startups.  

BC is especially passionate about high school youth development. He works with organizations such as National Leadership Academy, Young Life, A Day Without HatePeaceJam and Colorado Young Leaders to help inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill the passion of learning and purpose in the youth of today.  

His goal is to encourage millennial's through his example, mentorship, and films to be engaged and active in their schools, communities and world...in hopes of creating a culture focused on helping and serving others.