A Podcast Pursuing Life outside our own goals and dreams and towards something bigger and more beautiful!


Episode 1

A brief 30 min segment about my personal story of how I started this journey 11 years ago! From 19 to 30 and over 50 countries visited, many ups and downs.

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Episode 2

This episode is about the meaning and definition of Purpose, both personally and historically. Also 30 Min.

Episode 3

This episode is interviewing my best friend and one amazing dude named Perry Grone. He’s not only extremely attractive but also an amazing story teller and film maker that has taught me a lot!


Episode 4 - Cultivating Community

30 min episode about how to build community, find your tribe, and create what you cant find.


Episode 7 - How do I earn Love?

Thanks for listening! This 30 min, Episode is about how we perform and show up when it comes to us receiving and earning love in our culture and own story. Also closing out 2018 and best ways to begin your 2019. 

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Episode 5 - The Meaning in Mentorship

A 30 min episode about my greatest passion and conversation piece I like to talk about most and why Mentorship means the most to me.

Copy of Purpose isn’t biased. Purpose isn’t halted by struggles or insecurities. Purpose just is. It is what we are meant to be..png

Episode 6 - Interviewing Jerome

So stoked to have my (not so little anymore) brother on the show! Been 5 years with this dude thru Younglife, and we've been able to travel to another part of the world together and have highs and lows and everything in-between!